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Bloomers offers locally sourced Floral Design and Event Facilitation for any budget, and for clients ranging from the super savvy (you’ve got a clear vision, but no time!) to the enthusiastic collaborator (you’d like some help on overall theme/tone and would like to reduce costs through D.I.Y. ingenuity). From campy to classic, Bloomers will assist you with the design, sourcing, and execution of a perfect-for-you party.

As a Maine resident for over fifteen years, Shelley Stevens is known as Portland’s Budget Martha Stewart. In 2005, she founded Flower Girls, a floral design business that created elegant, one-of-a-kind, floral designs for. 
Her extensive background in the food service industry, events and involvement with the local fashion, craft, and music scenes make her the go-to person for advice about where to source everything from handmade invitations, to entertainment, to the just-right dress (or suit!) for your event.

Shelley’s commitment to supporting local farms, artists, and businesses comes from a love of Maine’s unique character, a passionate involvement in her local community, and the belief that whatever you might need can most probably be found right here in Southern Maine.

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